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Our Facilities

school facilities

The Facilities
The Junior & Senior classes are housed separately. The school has excellent facilities supporting all areas of its curriculum. The school’s facilities include an administrative wing which contains offices, staff rooms, library, variety store, classrooms, science laboratories, computer laboratory, Basic technology workshop, Fine-art room, Music room, Dining Hall, basketball court, badminton court, borehole and a generator to complement electricity supply.
Students are encouraged from their first day of school to take responsibility for their learning and behavior. They will be taught the necessary skills to investigate and research particular topics using the library and the internet. They will experience the rigor of a formal approach to teaching as well as problem-solving activities. They will be encouraged to read as part of our strategy to improve literacy and they will be expected to do homework. The learning environment aims to be challenging and stimulating to ensure that students both enjoy and succeed in what they are doing.
Boarding Facilities
The school has very comfortable boarding facilities. The rooms are large, and house not more than 4 students. A matron and house mistress reside with the girls and house master with the boys. Boarders are served three balanced meals cooked by qualified caterers, meals along with fruit in season are served in modern dining rooms. A borehole and generators are available to ensure constant water/power supply.
Guest House
The school has a guest house available to parents at an affordable price.
Airport shuttle
Transport to and from the airport is provided for students living outside the state on request. Students are accompanied by a hostel staff.
LCIS Clinic and Lead City Hospital
The school has a well-equipped clinic, manned by experienced medical personnel, to give students medical attention while they are in school. Complete medical care is also extended to all boarding students at the Lead City Hospital.
Lead City Hospital is duly registered. It has a dental clinic, x-ray department, family planning unit, immunization unit and more. It is located within the Lead City University premises.

Security The school has security personnel on duty round the clock.


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